PubhD in English

BookIf you are a PhD student doing your research in Lisbon and would prefer to deliver your presentation in English, you are very welcome.

If you don’t know what a PubhD is, please read this page first.

We have to limit the number of presentations done in English, though. PubhD talks are not lectures, but conversations, and we aim to reach the wide and eclectic audience of a Lisbon bar.

Most Portuguese people are able to understand English clearly. However, they might feel less comfortable with asking questions in English, and the total of 60 minutes of Q&A is really at the core of the PubhD concept.

Please, feel free to reach us using the contact form on this page:
We look forward to seeing you in a PubhD.

And spread the word! We are also on Facebook and Twitter:

Twitter: @PubhDLisboa

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