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PubhD de LisboaWhat’s a PubhD?

Can you explain your PhD in a bar?

PubhD is a monthly event where people get together in a bar or pub to talk about topics in academic research.

In each event, two or three PhD students, in whatever research areas in Sciences, Humanities, Engineering or Arts, explain their research to an audience in a bar.

In exchange, we pay them a few drinks.
Post-doc students are also welcome.

The idea was launched in Nottingham in 2014 and has been spreading.


The presentations must be understandable to the regular bar customer.

Each speaker has just 10 minutes to explain her or his research, after which, the audience has 20 minutes to ask questions.

Digital presentations are not allowed, but we will have a white board and pens for those who need them. Speakers can also bring objects that help illustrate the concepts they will talk about.

If you would like to explain your PhD in a bar in exchange for a few drinks, please get in touch.
In Lisbon we give preference to presentations delivered in Portuguese, but we welcome foreign students that would rather speak in English.


These are some of the advantages of speaking at a PubhD:

  • It is an informal and relaxed opportunity to practice your communication skills.
  • You will be able to include it in the outreach activities section of your CV.
  • Explaining your research to non-specialists allows you to get some distance from it and to spot mistakes or unforeseen opportunities.
  • The questions the audience asks you may lead you to think about your research in alternative ways, or may give you new insights or future research ideas.
  • You will be able to make friends with other fellow researchers, in the same or tangent academic areas.

We look forward to seeing you in a PubhD. For Lisbon, get in touch here, or find one near you.

The PubhD de Lisboa was the first PubhD initiative launched in Portugal. It was created in October 2015 by Sérgio Pereira, based on the original idea by Kash Farooq and Regan Naughton, the Nottingham PubhD. In the meantime, PubhD initiatives were launched in other Portuguese cities. There might be a PubhD near you!